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MPM772 - An Act of Leadership

Unit details

Year2016 unit information
Enrolment modes:

Trimester 2: Burwood (Melbourne) Intensive

Trimester 3: Burwood (Melbourne) Intensive

Credit point(s):1
EFTSL value:0.125
Unit chair:

J Billsberry 





Incompatible with:


Contact hours:

The unit will be taught in intensive mode at Burwood (Melbourne) on the following dates:

  • Trimester 2: 15 August 2016 - 20 August 2016 (intra-trimester break)
    • Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm
  • Trimester 3: 31 October 2016 - 5 November 2016 (inter-trimester break)
    • Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm


Students please note: There is an additional charge of $750 for this unit to pay for an evening meal (served at 6pm Monday to Friday) and professional actors and film-makers who are involved in the assessment activities.  Australian Government rules mean that we must offer a surcharge-free option.  If you opt for this route, it will mean that you must supply all your own food and will be unable to work with the professional actors and film-makers.  For further information, please contact Professor Jon Billsberry at .


This is an experiential unit with the main learning activity being the conceptualisation, scripting, shooting, editing, and screening of two versions of the same original short film. Using the same screenplay on both occasions, in one version, students manipulate one of the characters so that he or she is perceived as a leader by the audience. In the other version, the same character must come over to the audience as someone who is not a leader. The intensive unit begins with a day of theory about the social construction of leadership, perceptions, and an introduction to filmmaking. During the second day, the students complete all pre-production work including writing their scripts. Days three and four are devoted to production, i.e., filming. Day five is dedicated to editing and other aspects of post-production. Day six is dedicated to the screening and discussion of the films. Students critically reflect on their learning experience after the intensive week and must submit an exegesis.


Assessment 1 (Group of 2-3 students) - Written Assignment (Screenplay and explanatory note) 1000 words, 20%

Assessment 2

  • Option 1 (for pairs) Video activity, 60%
  • Option 2 (for trios) Video activity 1, 40%, Video activity 2, 20%

Assessment 3 (Individual) Open format assignment (3000 words) 20%

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