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SRA743 - Trans-National Mega Projects

Unit details

Year2015 unit information
Enrolment modes:Trimester 2: Waterfront (Geelong)
Credit point(s):1
EFTSL value:0.125
Unit chair:

Mirjana Lozanovska





Incompatible with:


Contact hours:

4 x 3 hour class per trimester, 3 x 2 hour class per trimester, 1 x 1 hour class per trimester.  3 x 3 hour seminars per trimester, 1 x 2 hour seminar per trimester, 3 x 1 hour seminars per trimester. Students are expected to attend 3 hours per week.


Architects engage in projects outside their national and cultural boundaries. While this is not new, and while some of the most exciting urban and architectural designs have resulted from these exchanges, the current practices present some crucial differences to precedents. This unit seeks to firstly investigate what constitutes trans-national mega projects, and secondly to identify and examine their scope, premise, objective and effects. The unit has a focus on the analysis of projects in three categories: accelerated urbanism - large projects which radically alter a place (examples in India, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Emirates); quintessential global cities - extensive urbanisation in Dubai, Bombay, Shanghai, Tokyo; and reconstruction in disaster sites (Sri Lanka, Phuket, Turkey, Beirut, Baghdad, Sarajevo). Classes will provide the basis for potential theoretical frameworks. Presentations and seminars will provide the forum for the development of intellectual and analytical debate and contribution to this discourse. The unit aims to gain understanding and develop critical positions in relation to this crucial global urbanism in order to develop a platform for design evaluation.


Seminars and exercises 60%, group research project 40%

Unit Fee Information

Student Contribution Rate*Student Contribution Rate**Fee rate - Domestic Students Fee rate - International students

* Rate for all CSP students, except for those who commenced Education and Nursing units pre 2010
** Rate for CSP students who commenced Education and Nursing units pre 2010
Please note: Unit fees listed do not apply to Deakin Prime students.

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