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General English (GE)



Level: Elementary – Advanced
Duration: 5 – 45 weeks

There are nine General English levels offered at DUELI:

  • GE 1 Elementary 1
  • GE 2 Elementary 2
  • GE 3 Pre-Intermediate 1
  • GE 4 Pre-Intermediate 2
  • GE 5 Intermediate 1
  • GE 6 Intermediate 2
  • GE 7 Upper-Intermediate 1
  • GE 8 Upper-Intermediate 2
  • GE 9 Advanced

Our General English programs are ideal for students with elementary to advanced levels of English who wish to improve their English for their own personal development. At DUELI, our aim is for all students undertaking a General English course of study to be able to communicate clearly and confidently with people from all over the world. Each General English class goes on at least three excursions linked to the curriculum.
In General English, you will:

  • learn English for everyday situations
  • communicate with people in the classroom and in real situations on class excursion projects
  • learn to speak accurately and clearly
  • improve pronunciation and fluency
  • extend your vocabulary
  • continue to develop cross-cultural communication skills
  • use English to help you enjoy living in Melbourne and Australia.

General English Pathways
A General English student is eligible to transfer to the EAP stream if they pass their General English class at the GE 4 level and attain an appropriate result on the DUELI EAP writing test. To progress to a higher General English level you will need an overall score of 55% from your end of intake assessment tasks.

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26th August 2011