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Academic information

Major areas of study

Study Abroad students can choose from a wide range of subjects from different study areas (378 KB) while completing their degree at Deakin. Detailed information on these study units can be found in the University handbook.

Additional information can also be found in the Study Abroad and Exchange guide.

Academic structure

Study Abroad students are required to take a full-time load of 3-4 Deakin credits per trimester. Most units have a weighting of 1 credit point. Students need special permission if they wish to undertake more than the full-time study load.

Units are generally intended to be offered in specific years of a degree. Unit codes are designed to reflect this differentiation in year, and consequently the level of difficulty. Units therefore that begin with the number one (e.g. AIA103) are first year units and so on. It is important to remember that most units above first year introductory units have prerequisites which must be satisfied before admission will be approved. If you wish to apply for admission to a second or third level unit, departments will look at your academic record from your home institution to determine whether you have passed courses comparable in content to those Deakin units which are specified as a prerequisite.

Students studying at Deakin usually receive a mix of lectures and tutorials. These may be supplemented by practical classes or fieldwork. Lectures are held in state-of-the-art lecture theatres with large groups of students. Lectures typically go for 1-3 hours and may involve note-taking, demonstrations, AV presentations, etc.

Tutorials usually follow lectures and give students a chance to discuss topics in detail. Tutorial groups are usually much smaller, to allow one on one interaction between students and with lecturers. Students studying a full-time load can usually expect to have around 15-20 contact hours (times when you must attend the University) per week as well as study time.

Assessment may take a variety of forms, including written work and tests undertaken in class, participation in class or laboratory sessions, and final examinations each trimester. Fieldwork or practical experience can also form a large part of the content and assessment of some units. Most, but not all, undergraduate units involve an examination usually held at the end of the unit. The weighting applied to each assessment procedure varies from unit to unit, however in many cases the final examination can be worth up to 70 percent of your final grade.

Credit transfer

An official Deakin academic transcript will be issued upon the completion of your Study Abroad experience. This transcript will usually be sent to your home institution's Study Abroad office. For ease of credit transfer, you should arrange approval of Deakin units prior to arrival in Australia.

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2nd September 2013