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julia brockhausen

Julia Brockhausen

Melbourne is the perfect city to have a good time. Big city flair, beautiful places and lots to do. Don't miss St. Kilda and the Bell Shakespeare Company. They were my personal Melbourne highlights apart from a good footy game crazy Australians who run into each other and a wild crowd that drinks a lot of beer and shouts the most obscene curses to the players but it's fun - really!

The first time I saw Bells Beach and all the other perfect surf beaches near Geelong I thought to myself: Ah, this is how paradise looks. If you are a surfer or you want to learn surfing there is almost no better place to come to than this one. As soon as I started to get to know the surfers around the area, they took me on their surf-trips - and the best thing about it - I also made lots of new friends who I'm still in touch with and who made my time in Geelong unforgettable.


monica rosson

Monica Rosson

My semester exchange at Deakin University's Melbourne campus was a positive experience and one I'll never forget. My accommodation arrangements at Burwood Student Village were beyond anything I ever expected - new facilities with spacious private rooms, a cozy kitchen and lounge area, and even laundry facilities. The Residential Life staff members and the student residents were extremely helpful and always willing to assist myself, and the many other international or Study Abroad students, in dealing with the issues that come with being away from home. In addition, the Burwood Student Village sponsored several social activities throughout the semester, actively encouraging students to form social and academic networks, both of which were important in achieving a positive university experience.

marissa golden
Marissa Golden

I had intentions of going to Melbourne because it's a big city and I had heard so much about it but I am soooooo happy that I ended up in Geelong. I experienced Australia in a way others did not. I developed friendships that will last a lifetime with many Aussies and loved the set up of housing and all of the great functions. Melbourne was just a train ride away and I believe it's the best opportunity for anyone interested in the Australian way of life. In the end when I look back at all the memorable moments I can definitely say that living in Geelong and studying abroad at the Geelong campus was the best thing I have ever done. It's also great because it's a smaller town so you develop closer friendships. I can honestly say not one bad thing about my experience in Geelong and studying abroad in Australia. It was awesome and I think being in Geelong made it even better!

kimmy aguilera
Kimmy Aguilera

I have to say that from the first contact via email I knew that Deakin was the school that I wanted to attend. The staff really truly care about the students and go beyond what is required to help us all out. You all amaze me in the way that you are so helpful when I have to come in, whether it was to ask about a claim form or just some random question. I only wish that the staff at my school were all like you. It is because of you that I am here in Australia experiencing life in a different way. Everything has really opened my eyes and changed my life in so many positive ways forever.

Eve Glazer
United Kingdom

I thought the units were all fantastic, in everything from the lesson content and structure to the teaching styles and even the other students were great. I really enjoyed the hands-on, practical way the lessons were taught and the range of subjects I was offered was varied and interesting. I think that there was a good balance of theory and practice in all my classes, and both were taught in fun and interesting ways. I'm pretty much trying to say that I really enjoyed my semester at Deakin and see it as an excellent experience both socially and educationally.

Johnny McNany
Marketing and Communications major
USA Internship with the Geelong Supercats (professional basketball team)

The combination of interning for a professional sports team in a foreign country is something that I could only have dreamed about and definitely see it as the experience of a lifetime. I assisted with a review of the club's business sponsorship arrangements as well as helping update some club promotional material. Doing this Internship let me experience parts of Australian life that I would never have seen.

Allison Coultas

I loved Warrnambool! It's such a cruisey town. I liked it cause it was so laid back. A surfer, hippy type of town. You are right by the amazing beach, and only a train ride to the city (Melbourne). I think any type of person would love Warrnambool, but obviously, if a person is looking for tons of stuff to do such as going to clubs, the Melbourne would be their best choice. I was pretty nervous about where I was going when I heard that there were only five Americans out of almost 100 (Study Abroad students) going to the Warrnambool campus. But I believe that it was the best out of all of them. As far as Deakin University goes, the teachers and staff were all so nice and helpful. The marine science program really is amazing. I really wish I could just transfer and finish school at Warrnambool.

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29th October 2009