Future Students

Deakin's professional degree options

At Deakin we can help you to reach your goals sooner. With the option of undertaking combined courses and professional degrees straight from school, Deakin provides the highest standard of education in the shortest possible time.

Combined courses
Deakin offers a range of combined courses in many different fields. Some examples include:

  • the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Laws
  • the Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of Laws
  • the Bachelor of Teaching and the Bachelor of Arts

Undertaking two degrees concurrently allows you to graduate sooner, ensuring you have up-to-date knowledge in two discipline areas. At a later time you can chose to undertake a graduate program in an area of special interest to you.

If you are not sure what you want to study you can undertake a generalist degree such as Arts, Science or Commerce and then another degree such as Law or Teaching, rather than studying the two concurrently - the choice is yours.

See the Course Search website for more information on Deakin's range of courses.

Professional degrees straight from school

At Deakin, we offer courses that take you where you want to go from day one. Most of our courses are available to students straight from school.


For example, at Deakin you can study Law straight from school rather than completing another degree first. If you apply for a place in Law and receive an offer, you can be sure that you have a place in the professional degree of your choice rather than needing to complete another degree first and do well enough to be offered a place in Law. This cuts the time you spend studying and takes some pressure off your studies, enabling you to enjoy the full university student experience.

Some Deakin degrees are 'graduate entry' courses, meaning entry to the course requires completion of a prior undergraduate degree. Deakin only designates a degree as 'graduate entry' if it is satisfied that this is in the best educational interests of those who undertake the degree.

For example, the new Deakin medical degree, which will be offered from 2008, is a graduate entry program. Deakin has established the medical course in response to the shortage of doctors in rural and regional areas. The course is designed to train doctors - general practitioners and specialists - who will work in rural and regional areas. We do not believe that it is appropriate to seek this commitment from people who have just completed secondary school.

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