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Jeff Riseley

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Bachelor of Commerce – Sport Management

Jeff Riseley commenced a Bachelor of Physical Education in 2007, choosing health as his second teaching method. This coincided with a breakthrough year with his running, culminating in making the Australian team for the World Championships in Osaka at age 20. This meant being overseas for three months in preparation for this event, so Jeff decided to defer his second semester of study. At the end of 2007 Jeff decided that physical education was not for him and given the teaching rounds required, it was going to be hard to complete while spending so much time overseas competing.

In 2008 Jeff enrolled in health subjects with a plan to transfer into the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Bachelor of Commerce – Sport Management. Jeff liked the idea of this degree because he could combine his love of sport with business. He also thought that the business subjects would be a better fit to study off campus. In 2008 Jeff achieved another sporting milestone when he was selected in the team for the Beijing Olympics. This required another deferral of his studies.

In 2009 Jeff was accepted into the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Bachelor of Commerce - Sport Management. He worked closely with the enrolment officer to map out a plan to complete the degree. Jeff says 'when you spend up to six months of the year away from home, whether it’s competing or on training camps, and run up to 140 kilometres a week and do three gym sessions, it becomes important to manage my study load. Trimester 3 has been great, as it has given me the added bonus of taking on extra units over the summer when I am always in the country.'

During summer 2009/2010 Jeff studied off campus and he observed 'the way the units were set up made it easier to study from home and has given me more confidence to take on off-campus subjects while I’m overseas. In the past I have really enjoyed the interactive learning that studying on campus offers and have been put off my off-campus study as I have not really know where to start.'

In 2010 the next challenge emerged via the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. A lot of kilometres were run and many hours spent preparing for this event. Alongside his completion and training is his study at Deakin University, which Jeff says 'gives me a great outlet from the mental and physical demands of sport. I am under no illusions that it is going to take some time to finish my degree but one thing I do know is that study and sport tie in very well together and give me a good balance in life.'

Jeff Risely

Image courtesy of Tim McGrath - Inside Athletics.

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17th September 2010