Future Students

The Deakin Principles of Teaching, Learning and the Student Experience


Teaching, learning and the student experience will be based on a partnership between students and staff, which is driven by a commitment to excellence and the needs of students, and founded on mutual respect, ethical behaviour and the open exchange of ideas.

Principles relating to students

1 - Focus upon learning outcomes
Our student experience will provide graduates with generic and discipline-specific attributes and knowledge that equip them for employment, further study, life-long learning, research and life in the community.

2 - Recognise and celebrate student diversity
Our student experience will recognise the different learning needs of all students and will be tailored to support a diverse student population. Diversity adds significant value to the learning experiences of all students.

Principles relating to curricula

3 - Courses that are relevant and future-oriented
Our courses are designed first and foremost to be relevant to the career and life aspirations of students, equip students to adapt to an ever-changing global environment and be informed by high quality, contemporary research and consultation with industry, employers and government.

4 - Courses that are flexible
Our courses will provide, where appropriate, opportunities for students to extend and shape their own learning experience by providing flexible timing and delivery of courses, course structures, subjects and assessment processes.

Principles relating to teachers

5 - Teachers who are innovative and motivate students to learn
Our teachers value and practise innovative ways of creating learning experiences, taking into account student interests and professional needs, and will employ motivational strategies to encourage their students to learn, resulting in an engaging student experience.

6 - Teachers who are scholarly and professional
Our teachers are committed to and informed by research and scholarship in relation to teaching, participating in regular professional development and striving for continuous improvement of their teaching.

Principles relating to the learning environment

7 - A learning environment that is flexible and responsive to student support needs
Our learning environments are flexible, student-centred and accessible to our diverse range of students, utilising appropriate technology to enhance teaching and learning and providing student support services which are responsive to student needs.

8 - A learning environment which provides engagement with the university community
Our learning environment is welcoming and engages all students in all aspects of university life so that they are fully connected members of a vital learning community.

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

3rd August 2009