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r.fairchild Ron Fairchild
Vice-President (Advancement)

T: 03 9246 8954

E: advancement@deakin.edu.au

M maskiellMelinda Warnecke
Deputy Vice-President (Advancement)

T: 03 9246 8298

E: melinda.warnecke@deakin.edu.au

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment and Faculty of Arts and Education:

p whittinghamPreema Whittingham
Philanthropic Relations Manager 

T: 03 9246 8408

E: preema.w@deakin.edu.au

D srinath Divya Srinath
Philanthropic Relations Coordinator

T: 03 9251 7080


j mckeikanJesse McMeikan
Philanthropic Relations Coordinator

T: 03 9246 8263

E: jesse.mcmeikan@deakin.edu.au

Faculty of Health and Faculty of Business and 

t andersonTori Anderson
Philanthropic Relations Manager 

T: 03 9246 8407 

E: tori.anderson@deakin.edu.au

Communication and Stewardship:

m herouvim Margarita Herouvim
Manager, Advancement Communications

T: 03 9244 5265 

E: margarita.herouvim@deakin.edu.au

k brown image

Karen Brown
Coordinator, Donor Stewardship and Recognition

T: 03 9246 8261

E: karen.b@deakin.edu.au

Trusts and Bequests:

f costigan Felicity Costigan
Bequests and Trusts Coordinator

T: 03 9244 3672

E: felicity.costigan@deakin.edu.au

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