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Supporting research at Deakin

Research that makes a difference

To make a difference to the communities it serves, Deakin is committed to developing a distinctive, broad-based portfolio of high-quality discovery, applied and commercial research.

The University has forged a distinguished cross-disciplinary approach to research and continues to attract a growing pool of international staff and students who are supported by world-class facilities and infrastructure.

Research academics and postgraduate students at Deakin undertake research in a wide range of disciplines that impact positively on both our national and international communities. 

The University’s research activities focus on work being undertaken in the Institute of Technology and Research and Innovation and in 11 Strategic Research Centres:

  • Alfred Deakin Research Institute and the Centre for Citizenship, Governance and Globalisation
  • Centre for Memory, Imagination and Invention
  • Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing Research
  • Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research
  • Centre for Research in Educational Futures and Innovation
  • Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organisations
  • Clinical Care, Quality and Risk Management
  • Centre for Integrative Ecology
  • Molecular and Medical Research
  • Population Health
  • Centre for Biotechnology, Chemistry and Systems Biology.

By supporting Deakin’s research you can help us to find innovative solutions for global challenges. There are several ways to support research activities at Deakin, including funding for:

Strategic research centres

Deakin is recognised as a leader in the development of successful industry and government partnerships. Our world-class researchers work in multidisciplinary environments, within defined research centres. These research centres provide an umbrella for research into selected fields.

By funding a Deakin research centre, you have the opportunity to drive research and discovery in a particular area of interest for the benefit of the whole community. Centres can be funded in perpetuity or for a designated period, usually no less than five years.

Professorial research Chairs

Professorial research Chairs provide focus and leadership in specialised areas of research. Funding a research Chair provides a very specific way to work in partnership with Deakin within an agreed study field to build sustainable areas of expertise which are linked to a specific community need.

The appointed Chair provides leadership and delivers the critical mass that is necessary to build a centre of excellence in a particular field of research.

By funding a professorial research Chair, you have the opportunity to expand the knowledge base in an area of importance to you and your community. This can be funded in perpetuity or for a designated period of usually no less than five years.

Industry partnerships

Government agencies, business and industry also have the opportunity to partner with Deakin. Through formal business arrangements, Deakin University can undertake research and discovery into a particular issue to provide a tailored and practical solution for the research partner.

Honours and PhD scholarships

A key contribution to the expansion of Deakin’s research output is to increase its pool of research students, and in the competitive higher education market, scholarships are needed to attract honours and postgraduate research students.

These scholarships assist Deakin in attracting and retaining first-class students who will develop a distinctive and broad-based portfolio of research. By funding tuition fees, research costs and living expenses, these scholarships provide students with the resources needed for either all or part of their studies.

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Why support research at Deakin?

'In order to address the severe shortage of general practitioners in rural and regional areas, The Felton Bequest has funded the establishment of The Alfred Felton Chair of General Practice for Rural and Regional Victoria at Deakin University. The aim of this dedicated Chair is to equip young doctors to work in a vital and often neglected part of the community. Its purpose is to improve the health and wellbeing of women and children, who should be its principal beneficiaries.

Deakin University has been chosen to partner this strategic flagship project, because of its leadership and influence in rural areas and its capacity to address a critical health need.'

Sir Andrew Grimwade CBE, Chairman, The Felton Bequests’ Committee

'Alcoa identified Deakin University as the perfect partner to establish the Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine in south western Victoria as part of its commitment to build stronger communities.

Strong rural health services are an essential part of a sustainable community and the Centre focuses on areas of emergency medicine which impact rural and regional areas. As safety is a core value at Alcoa this partnership is very important in the effort to reduce injury, enhance wellness and create a safer and healthier future for all, especially in south western Victoria.'

Mr John Osborne, Smelter Operations Manager, Portland Aluminium

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

14th March 2011