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Access and equity scholarship recipient commences PhD

image of Christine McLachlanChristine McLachlan, recipient of the Deakin Linfox Scholarship, shares her experiences.

'With the generous offer of the Lindsay Fox Scholarship, which funded my student fees and study costs, I was able to complete my studies at Deakin University. I completed a Bachelor of Information Systems in 2007 and went on to enrol in Honours. This decision was helped by the fact that I had one year of the scholarship still available to me.

During secondary school, my mother got sick and passed away, and as the oldest girl at home her responsibilities fell on me. I thought I would never get to university. In total, I attempted Year 12 three times, the last time dropping out because I found out I was pregnant. When my third child was seven, she asked me when I would go back to school. I answered 'today' and started Women's Access at Gordon TAFE that very day. After completing my TAFE qualification, I applied to study at Deakin University thinking I would never get in.

My honours thesis is now complete and is about to be printed and bound in hard cover for others to access. Now that I have completed my honours year, I have decided to continue studying and complete a PhD in one of the areas identified from my honours research.

This has all been possible because of the generosity of Mr Lindsay Fox.'

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14th July 2010