Change a life today one day they may change yours

Ways to Give

There are a number of ways you can give to Deakin and support new programs, research, scholarships and facilities.

Annual Appeal

Change 100 lives

Deakin University's Change 100 Lives campaign is an initiative that aims to address the challenge of student equity, access and participation in university study.

A founding principle of Deakin has been to provide learning experiences that widen participation and support students from diverse backgrounds. A university education empowers a person to learn, grow, develop and believe in their abilities to make a positive change for themselves and the world around them. Forty years on, this philosophy continues to drive Deakin – now and into the future.

For some talented students with tremendous potential, the dream of a university education is out of reach. They simply cannot afford higher education and the loss to society of what they would achieve is substantial.

Deakin staff know better than anyone that tertiary education has the power to shape lives and communities in many positive ways. However, financial concerns are a very real barrier for many students trying to access and achieve a Deakin education.

Through the Change 100 Lives campaign Deakin staff, alumni and community members have the opportunity to truly change the lives of 100 Deakin students who, because of financial disadvantage or personal circumstances, might otherwise not be able to access the benefits of a university education.

Click here for further information about the campaign

Employer Matching Programs

You may be able to double or even triple your generous donation without paying an extra cent!

Many companies match you or your spouse's donations to non-profit industries such as Deakin University.

Contact your company's HR department to discover how your company can add to the impact of your donation.

Send your Matching Gifts form to:

Donor Relations 
Deakin University
Level 8- 221 Burwood Highway
Burwood VIC 5150

Or for further information contact the

Major Gifts

The gift of learning and pioneering research is changing lives now and into the future as well as making a difference to communities here and around the world.

A dedicated team works closely with donors to match areas of interest with Deakin funding priorities to ensure your gift has a lasting impact.

To talk to a team to discuss your gift, please contact a member of our Philanthropic Relations team.

Leaving a Bequest

An estate gift is much more than a financial decision, it's a personal statement about who you are and what you care about.

You can give to Deakin through bequests and trust distributions leaving a lasting legacy to assist students, research and the University, transforming the lives of future generations.

How to include Deakin University in your Will

You can leave a bequest to Deakin University by adding a codicil to your will or drafting a new Will.

You may wish to consider the following sample clauses:

I give (fixed amount / percentage of my residuary estate / property) to Deakin University ABN 56 721 584 203, 1 Gheringhap Street, Geelong, Victoria,3220 for its general purposes. The receipt of Deakin University shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees.


I give (fixed amount / percentage of my residuary estate / property) to Deakin University ABN 56 721 584 203, 1 Gheringhap Street, Geelong, Victoria,3220 for (please describe a specific purpose as widely as possible). The receipt of Deakin University shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees.

Should you wish to direct your gift to a specific purpose at Deakin University, please contact the Deakin Advancement team for sample wording or clauses to ensure your vision for Deakin is captured in your Will.

When accepting a bequest which has a specific purpose, the University is legally and ethically obliged to observe that purpose. Over time there may be changes that make it impossible or impractical to meet the specific purpose stated in your Will.

If you choose to give to the University for a specific purpose, please consider including the following provision in your will:

If at any time Deakin University determines that it is impossible or impractical to fulfil the purpose of my bequest, the University may apply the bequest for a related purpose that will most nearly accomplish the purpose or is consonant with the spirit and intent of my bequest.

For further information, please contact our Bequests and Trusts Coordinator.

Gifts in kind

A non-monetary gift such as works of arts, equipment, expertise or your time. This kind of giving can be just as valuable as cash donations.

The University is happy to work with you in developing your in kind gift. 

For further information, please contact a member of our Philanthropic Relations team.

Workplace Giving

Deakin University's Workplace Giving program is a simple and effective way for you to lend a hand and make a difference to some fantastic causes through Deakin's payroll system. 

As a staff member, you are one of more than 3,300 Deakin employees who can make a positive impact on our communities while also enjoying the benefits of pre-tax payroll giving. If all Deakin staff donated just the cost of a coffee per week, we could collectively contribute more than $517,000 per year to the initiatives that matter most to us. To learn more about Workplace Giving at Deakin, view the FAQs page or watch the video below.

To find out more click here

Contact for more information

International Donors

Charities Aid Foundation of America

 If you live in the US you can now receive full US tax benefits for your donation of $US500 or more, by donating via CAFAmerica.

To do this, you can either:

After sending your gift, please ensure to email us so that we can promptly acknowledge your gift.


To view our frequently asked questions, click here

Other opportunities to get involved

There are many ways you can support Deakin, whether it be financially or giving your time and talents, and in doing so help to inspire and impact students and communities. 

By partnering with us you are investing in the leaders of tomorrow.


Deakin offers a range of volunteering opportunities for alumni, business professionals and organisations who are interested in supporting our students and enriching their university experience.

Volunteers can give their time and talents to Deakin in many ways, including:

  • providing internships and practical placements for Deakin students
  • becoming a mentor in the Deakin mentoring program
  • providing advice and feedback about Deakin's courses
  • recommending Deakin to prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • assisting at events such as Open Day.

Sponsorship of Activities

One of Deakin's key features is its active student community across its four campuses. This provides opportunities to sponsor a diverse array of activities through formal sponsorship agreements (either in-kind or cash contributions) and allows donors to appreciate the benefits of engagement with the vibrant student and staff community.

These opportunities include sponsorship of events, association with Orientation Week, and participation in recreation activities.

To discuss your giving to Deakin, please email

Deakin University is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Tax Office.  Donations to Deakin of $2 or more are tax-deductible and an official receipt will be issued for tax purposes.

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