Workplace Giving Registration

This information is applicable to staff making a donation under the University's Workplace Giving Program (WPG) to a Deakin University Project/s. Any WPG - Deakin University Project donation amount will be deducted from your Gross Pay prior to the calculation of PAYG taxation.

In early July each year you will be sent your payment summary which includes the total Workplace Giving donations that you have made, for inclusion in your tax return. These donations must be claimed in your next tax return.

Details relating to your workplace donations will also be included in the deductions section of your payslip – these are available to you on StaffConnect.

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Please note:

All Giving to Deakin donations are set up as PRE-TAX (i.e. reduces taxable earnings), but does not reduce gross earnings.Details of your donation will be given to Deakin Advancement who may contact you to thank you for your contribution.

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