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Below are stories of scholarships winners describing how receiving the award has changed their lives for the better.

"The scholarship supported my studies by giving me the confidence to continue with my work ethics and also assisted to pay off a large portion of my university debt which lifted a weight off my shoulders and allowed me to focus even more on my learning."

Jana van Parreren

Emily's Story

My name is Emily Collier and I am currently entering the third and final year of my degree in Marine Biology at Deakin University (Bachelor of Environmental Science [Marine Biology]).

I have been the recipient of the Sally Walker Scholarship for the last two years of my study at Deakin (2012 & 2013). Before receiving this scholarship I had not thought I would be able to account for the cost of accommodation that comes hand-in-hand with the relocation of a student to university. For me, this gave me great peace of mind and helped me to not only make the initial move away from home, but to also to live on residence at the Warrnambool campus where I have made life-long friendships and learned invaluable life lessons.

Receiving the Sally Walker scholarship for accommodation at Deakin University really meant the world to me. It has essentially allowed me to move the long distance away from my hometown to complete a tertiary education in a field I am passionate about while feeling supported and being financially able to undertake other opportunities that I may otherwise have had to miss out on. It is truly nice to know there are groups, individuals and organisations out there that genuinely care about the education of the nation's young people.

I would sincerely like to offer my gratitude to the donors of the Sally Walker scholarship. Donors like you give students from disadvantaged backgrounds the ability to have equal opportunities with those from well-off families and better their future, should they have the courage to strive for it.

Emily Collier
Environmental Science (Marine Biology)

Kate's Story

My name is Kate Snow, and I am a second year Bachelor of Arts student. I am doing my major in sociology, and I am really enjoying my studies. When I finish this Bachelor degree, I hope to go on and complete a Masters of social work.

The scholarship that I received has assisted me in buying the necessary books and equipment for my course. It has also helped to pay for university parking, take part in overseas university subjects and buy a new computer.

I am greatly honored to have received my scholarship. It really mean a lot to me. My scholarship has enabled me to study efficiently, as I can now afford the proper study tools (books, paper, pens ect). I know that I am very lucky to have received this scholarship, and I am truly thankful.

Thank you so very much for your kindness and generosity in providing me with the Harold Memorial Scholarship. I cannot express how grateful I am to have received it. If it weren't for your generosity, then I would not have been able to afford the necessary books and equipment that I require for my course and this would have detrimentally affected my studies. Receiving this scholarship has given me financial relief, and I am truly thankful for your generosity. 

Kate Snow
Arts (Sociology)

Frayne's Story

My name is Frayne Gomez who was brought up in Bendigo and studied in the Deakin Medical graduate medical program. I was excited about entering the medical program at Deakin givens its strong focus on regional students and medicine. 

The scholarship was amazing. I was on the Geoff & Helen Handbury Scholarship and am most grateful to be a recipient. Completing medical school would have been extremely difficult without it. 

I felt extremely lucky and privileged. The scholarship was based on academic merit and regional status thus to be chosen was honourable indeed. 

To Geoff and Helen Handbury- I have always wanted to  meet you in person to thank you for your generosity. I have read about your philanthropic work and am more utmost impressed about your charitable work. The scholarship provided me with financial support that enabled me to engage in my studies and also maintain a healthy lifestyle. I know I am extremely lucky and will be eternally grateful for generous donation. I would love the opportunity to meet you in person if an opportunity exists. 

Frayne Gomez
Deakin Medical Graduate Medical Program

Shaun's Story

My name is Shaun Parsons and I feel extremely fortunate to the recipient of the Helen and Geoff Hanbury Accommodation scholarship since commencing my Medical degree in 2011. I am about to enter my 4th and final year of my studies. 

I cannot begin to describe how valuable this scholarship has been to support my studies. I completed my undergraduate degree in Bendigo where I was only assisted by Youth Allowance. Unfortunately this was not sufficient to support my financial needs and I had to maintain a part time job throughout the 4 year degree. Having this scholarship has allowed me to focus all my time on my studies rather than casual work to support me. This has been very important as Medicine can be an extremely demanding course, both financially and time-wise.

The scholarship has not only covered my rent for the year but also allowed me to purchase textbooks and examination equipment which is vital to the degree. Given that I no longer require to maintain casual work it has allowed me to become more involved within the university and other areas. I was a member of the Geelong Clinical a School Committee throughout 2013 where I planned and organised all the social and academic events for the year for my colleagues. Furthermore I have been able to complete clinical research at Barwon Health and volunteer with the refugee tutoring program, Diversitat. Completing all these additional activities whilst maintaining a commitment to maintaining a high academic performance would never have been possible for me without this scholarship. 

Thank you so much for offering me this scholarship. I am truly grateful for your generosity. It significantly shaped my degree for the better and can only imagine it has had the same effect on fellow holders of the scholarship. I would be more than happy to speak at any event to further express my gratitude or on behalf of the other scholarship holders. 

Shaun Parsons

Matthew's Story

I was born in Warrnambool and completed all my study here, including the first year of my degree on campus at Deakin University's Warrnambool campus. I completed my double degree in October 2013- Commerce with distinction and Law with honours- after 5 years of full time study. I will graduate at the Warrnambool ceremony in March of this year. I was fortunate enough to secure graduate employment with the Commonwealth Bank in May 2013 and that role will commence on January 28. I will be a graduate with the Regional and Agribusiness division of the bank and will be based in Warrnambool for my graduate year.

The scholarship permitted me to reduce the amount of paid employment I was engaged in through my final year of studies so as to dedicate more time to my studies in what was a demanding year. Without this support I do not believe that I would have been able to maintain such a high standard of results which did assist me greatly in securing a graduate employment. Prior to receiving the scholarship I would have probably worked about 20-30 hours a week in 2 jobs. This made it tough, especially when I also enjoyed playing sport which had to be squeezed in with my other commitments.

I am very proud to have been a recipient of the Ray and Joyce Uebergang Foundation Scholarship. It is such an honour to have been selected as the successful applicant from a field of very talented peers. At interviews for graduate employment, I made a real point about being the recipient of this scholarship and I believe it assisted my chances of employment. It is something that will always be attached to my academic record to demonstrate how hard I worked at university.

I'd like to thank the Ray and Joyce Uebergang Foundation for providing this scholarship. It is such a generous scholarship to provide to a university student and it made my life a whole lot easier without having to stress about money or working. I hope that the foundation is able to continue to provide this scholarship as it makes a huge impact on the life of a cash strapped student and I will always remember the impact and much needed motivation that it provided me in my last year of an arduous 5 year degree.

Matthew Ross

Rachell's Letter

To The Invergowrie Foundation,

Hello my name is Rachell Poole and I was granted a scholarship in 2012 for three years of my study. When you first meet me in 2012 I was studying a Bachelor of Criminology and thoroughly enjoyed my first year of study, in 2013 I decided to increase the challenge of University and transferred into a double degree, a Bachelor of Forensic Science and a Bachelor of Criminology. It is needless to say that last year was a step up indeed but I have loved every second of being at university especially now being able to be so hands on in my degree! Due to the transfer I will have one more year of study after this year and hope to graduate at the end of 2015. In all my course units at university I have received excellent results and my aim is to one day work at the forensics institute of the Victoria Police.

This scholarship has been, well, life changing. No I am not being over dramatic. The scholarship that you grated me has paid for a large proportion of my residential fees on campus at Deakin University in Waurn Ponds. Without this financial support there would have been a large chance that living in residential accommodation would not had happened. Driving the three hours to Geelong from Elmore or even doing the course online would not have been possible due to all the time lost and the hands on nature of the course.

Not only has the scholarship enabled me to be close to university, it has opened up a whole different world to me. After the first year of university I applied for a Residential Assistant position at the college in Waurn Ponds and was successful. This position allowed me to apply my leadership skills and training to 23 other people in the accommodation whom I lived with. Being in this position I also had the opportunity to apply for the National Student Leadership Forum and was chosen to go to Canberra to learn from the leaders of our country. Living on 'res', has been a remarkable experience and I will be using the last year of my scholarship funds for a third year of accommodation.

I want to thank you so, so much for granting one of your scholarships to me. It has quite literally changed my life. Thank you immensely for your support and please contact me if you require any information.

Thank you,

Rachell Poole

Mariah's Story

I have just completed the first year of my nursing degree and have really enjoyed it. I completed my first placement at the Geelong Private Hospital and my second placement at the Geelong Public Hospital. My favorite was the Public Hospital because it was always busy and there was constantly something interesting happening. Learning within the hospital setting was fantastic, although sometimes trying to put into practice what I had learnt at University was difficult. I found my first year of uni very different from my VCE studies, but also surprisingly a lot easier. I know next year will be more full on and I am really looking forward to what it brings.

Thank you very much for your financial support to help me complete my Bachelor of Nursing Degree. I really appreciate this scholarship, it has helped me immensely in the past year and I know will keep on being a great help throughout the next couple of years.  Not having to worry about paying off my HECS debt at the end of my course is an awesome feeling!!

I have never received anything like this Scholarship before and was very overwhelmed when I opened the letter saying that I was the lucky recipient, so thank you so much.

Mariah Main

"The scholarship helped support my studies, as it enabled me to buy text books, which are quite costly. As this expense was taken care of, more of the money I made from employment was then able to be saved giving me the opportunity to study an intensive unit overseas."

Sarah White
Biomedical Science

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