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GTP initiatives

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Several research initiatives are being developed in the Precinct

Advanced materials research

Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM)

Advanced materials research consists of four well-developed platforms of expertise, including advanced manufacturing and performance of materials, materials manufacturing, intelligent systems and advanced fibres, textiles and polymers. Researchers in this area work in collaboration with industry to develop new materials, material technologies and material processing techniques suitable for the textiles, metals and automotive manufacturing industries. Collaborations extend to several research CRC's.

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The Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM)


VCAMM focuses on delivering commercial outcomes to the automotive, aerospace and high-performance materials sectors. Specific materials include steel, light metals and composite materials.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Cast Metals Manufacturing (CAST)


CAST is a cooperative research centre that conducts industry-driven research in metals technology. CAST is made up of research providers like Deakin University and industry partners, like the Ford Motor Company of Australia, and exists to help Australian metal manufacturers stay competitive and increase their market share. (

Advanced Manufacturing CRC (AMCRC)


The Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (AMCRC) has been set up to develop next generation technology platforms and enhance the innovation capabilities in the manufacturing sector. AMCRC will be vital to the development and delivery of cutting edge technologies and a highly skilled workforce that will keep Australian manufacturing industries globally competitive and sustainable (

Advanced Automotive Technology CRC (AutoCRC)


The Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Automotive Technology (AutoCRC) will deliver smarter, safer, cleaner manufacturing and vehicle technology for Australia's benefit, through strategic industry-led research collaborations. AutoCRC aims to secure Australia's position in the global automotive industry. (

Fibre Research

Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM)

The fibre research group works with a range of natural and synthetic fibres, including nanofibres. Work in this area has been supported by the Australian Research Council, Rural Industries R&D Corporation, Australian Wool Innovation, Micronisers, Graham Walters and Associates, Lyondell Basell Industries, Cashmere Connections, Advanced Manufacturing CRC, Sheep CRC, and leading international companies such as Savio and Shangdong Ruyi Technology Group.

Fibres research

Intelligent Systems Research


Centre for Intelligent Systems Research (CISR)

Our Vision is to provide methodologies and tools to extend the capability of human decision makers and operators in the domain of infrastructure, health, security and defence, through increased autonomy of data collection, analysis and actuation. Intelligent Systems interact with complex environments and must to overcome challenges, such as dynamic and stochastic processes, large state spaces, imprecise information and latency.

Robotics  Simulation  Haptics


Centre for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Sciences (Biodeakin)

BioDeakin is a multi-disciplinary grouping of scientists with a goal to generate and transform knowledge from biotechnology into practical solutions, which will advance health, social, environmental and economic development. The main areas of research are

  • Bioinformatics to analyse regulation of gene expression
  • Biomaterials to develop clinically useful bone and cartilage products or prostheses derived from a combination of novel materials
  • Comparative genetics focusing on gene and bioactives discovery in the mammary gland
  • Immunology and molecular biomedical research into roles of molecular mediators, antioxidants and cellular communication in the pathophysiological mechanisms of chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer
  • Industrial biotechnology and bioprocessing involving the development of new processes and technologies that can be applied to industrially useful projects

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19th April 2012