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Organisations and Government departments in Australia


Victorian Department of Human Services

Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing

National Public Health Partnership

Cochrane Collaboration Health Promotion and Public Health Field


Health and Safety Executive (UK)

World Health Organisation
WHO Non-Communicable Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Health Canada - Health Promotion Online

Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US Department of Health and Human Services

Karolinska Institute, Department of Public Health SciencesThe home of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Supportive Environments for Health. (Students please note: you will need to select display in English on the top right of this page.)

The Social Justice website includes a wealth of information about Social Determinants of Health and includes the Toronto Charter for a Healthy Canada. This Charter is based on evidence that the root sources of health and the causes of illness are social and economic.

Health promotion Forum of New Zealand

Professional Associations

Public Health Association of Australia The PHAA is Australia's peak advocacy for public health.

International Union of Health Promotion and Education

Canadian Public Health Association The CPHA is Canada's peak body for public health and has links to public health sites in the provinces which themselves, contain valuable material.

Australian Health Promotion Association

Australian Health Promoting Schools Association


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