HSW314 Pre-placement Workshops

Pre-placement workshops for HSW314 are a mandatory requirement. These workshops are offered prior to first Trimester.

The workshops cover the following topics;

  • Placement processes
    (What's involved in finding a placement)
  • Developing an education plan
  • Field education supervision
  • Role of liaison officer
  • Assessment procedures
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Addressing placement difficulties

Additional Requirements

For all students enrolled in HSW314 and HSW415;

Students residing in Victoria are required to participate in a minimum of three Integration seminars on-campus. Those students living interstate or overseas need to participate in DSO/D2L discussions on a weekly basis. DSO/D2L discussions and the Integration seminars cover a variety of topics that range from;

  • Linking theory with practice
  • Using critical reflection
  • Addressing ethical issues
  • Understanding the culture of the placement organisation
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