Staff listing

The School of Health and Social Development is a large and diverse school, with staff that specialise across allied health, inclusion, disability, environment and social work. 

The school’s staff is composed of professors, lecturers, professional staff and honorary appointments.

School Executive

Head of School
Professor Catherine Bennett

Acting Assistant to Head of School
Kim Williamson

Professor Beth Crisp

School Research Manager
Petra Van Nieuwenhoven

Associate Head of School, Research
Professor Karen Stagnitti

School Executive Officer
Kim Jackson

Associate Head Of School, Teaching and Learning
Dr Lisa Hanna

Chair of Disability and Inclusion
Professor Susan Balandin

Professor of Work Health and Wellbeing
Professor Tony LaMontagne


Chair in Health and Human Services Economics
Alfred Deakin Professor Rob Carter
Chair in Health and Social Exclusion 
Professor Ann Taket
Chair in Public Health
Professor Richard Osborne


Professor in Epidemiology and Equity in Public Health
Professor Anna Peeters
Professor Steven Allender

Associate Professors

Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Dr Christopher Stevenson            
Associate Professor
Associate Professor Elizabeth Hoban
Associate Professor of Disability and Inclusion
Associate Professor Erin Wilson
Associate Professor of Mental Health
Associate Professor Jane Edwards
Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Associate Professor Jo Williams
Associate Professor
Associate Professor Lynne Adamson
Associate Professor of Public Health
Associate Professor Samantha Thomas

Senior Lecturers

Senior Lecturer
Berni Murphy

Senior Lecturer
Dr Claire Henderson-Wilson

Senior Lecturer
Dr Danielle Hitch

Senior Lecturer
Dr Genevieve Pepin

Senior Lecturer
Helen Larkin

Senior Lecturer
Dr Jan Garrard

Senior Lecturer
Jenny Watts

Senior Lecturer
Dr Lisa Barnett

Senior Lecturer
Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli

Senior Lecturer
Dr Matthew Dunn

Senior Lecturer
Dr Melissa Graham

Senior Lecturer
Norah Hosken

Senior Lecturer
Dr Patsie Frawley

Senior Lecturer
Dr Russell Shuttleworth

Senior Lecturer
Dr Sophie Goldingay


Associate Lecturers

Associate Lecturer
Dr Elyse Warner
Associate Lecturer
Dr Justin Lawson
Associate Lecturer and Fieldwork Supervisor in Occupational Therapy
Nikki Lyons
Associate Lecturer
Trish Ritchie

Professional staff

Team Leader, Curriculum and Student Services
Andrea Nazzari
Administrative Officer
Anna Horn
Student Advisor
Belinda Birchall
Administrative Assistant
Erica Hunt
Administrative Assistant
Grace Goh
Senior Finance and Research Officer
Harindra Hettiarachchi
Professional Placement Officer, Occupational Therapy
Heather Ring
Professional Experience Officer
Jody Laughton
Planning and Strategic Projects Manager
Julie Melican
Administrative Officer
Kelly Barker
Administrative Officer
Mandy Wells
Student Advisor, Occupational Therapy
Maria Smith
Fieldwork Officer, Health
Michelle Howard
Diversity Field Officer
Rebekah Bryant
Administrative Officer, Finance and Research
Shirin Jambhulkar
School Communications and Marketing Officer
Stacie Bobele
Professional Experience Officer (Social Work)
Tara Jarvis-Scott
Administrative Officer
Trish Clark
Administrative Officer, Academic Programs
Zoe (Yin) Fang

Honorary Appointments

Honorary Associate Professor
Mardie Townsend
Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Phillip Swain
Honorary Fellow 
Dr Sarity Dodson