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If you're interested in doing a master's or doctorate degree with the School of Health and Social Development, a good place to start is finding a supervisor. Check your research focus against the interests listed here and get more information from each supervisor's profile.

Health promotion and public health

Melbourne Burwood Campus

Alfred Deakin Professor Rob Carter

Health economics, assessing cost effectiveness, health promotion and illness prevention.

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Alfred Deakin Professor David Crawford

Obesity prevention and behavioural epidemiology of food/exercise.

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Alfred Deakin Professor Anna Timperio

Obesity prevention, promoting child and adolescent physical activity, physical activity measurement; the behavioural epidemiology of weight control; and evaluation of health promotion and public health interventions.

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Professor Catherine Bennett

Infectious disease epidemiology, communicable disease control, disease surveillance, population-based research, randomised controlled trials.

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Professor Robin Daly

The role of exercise, calcium, vitamin D and protein for preventing chronic diseases, osteoporosis, sarcopenia, falls and diabetes, clinical and community intervention trials.

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Professor Tony LaMontagne

Social determinants of health, applied epidemiology and intervention research in occupational health and safety.

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Professor Mark Lawrence

Food and nutrition policy and food systems, science and politics of evidence use in nutrition policy-making in relation to dietary guidelines, nutrient reference values, food regulation and obesity prevention.

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Professor Richard Osborne

Chronic disease, introduction of innovations, self-management, questionnaire development, health services research, health literacy.

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Professor Anna Peeters

Epidemiology and equity in public health, obesity monitoring and prevention, socio-economic inequalities in health, and healthy ageing.

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Professor Ann Taket

Health policy, services planning and education, accessibility and equity, domestic violence.

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Professor Tony Worsley

Baby Boomer project, fruit and vegetable policies and promotion, examination of Australian meal repertoires, acceptability of integrated pest management by Australian consumers, food knowledge skills required by consumers, Web 2.0 approaches to nutrition promotion.

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Dr Lisa Hanna

E-health and the use of new information and communication technologies in primary care, cross-cultural adaptation and validation of survey instruments, ethnicity and health/health literacy, particularly in relation to cardiovascular disease.

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Associate Professor Elizabeth Hoban

Trafficking in women and children, reproductive and sexual health, child sexual abuse, maternal health, Indigenous health, medical anthropology, health promotion and advocacy.

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Associate Professor Liliana Orellana

Biostatistician – cancer prevention and surveillance, palliative care, HIV epidemiology and treatment, nutrition and eating disorders in children and adolescents.

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Associate Professor Christopher Stevenson

Lifestyle factors and health risk behaviours in the onset of disability, effectiveness of population cancer screening programs.

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Associate Professor Samantha Thomas

Gambling; determinants of gambling harm, and public health advocacy; gambling attitudes and behaviours; and messaging.

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Associate Professor Jo Williams

Epidemiology, social health, drugs and alcohol, and risky behaviours.

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Dr Fiona Andrews

Understanding how families manage their children's health care – influences and interactions.

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Dr Lisa Barnett

Development, implementation, evaluation and follow-up of physical activity interventions in children and adolescents, actual and perceived fundamental movement skill ability in children and physical activity behaviour, correlates of fundamental movement skill.

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Dr Steve Bowe

Biostatistician – behavioural research in cancer.

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Dr Adrian Cameron

Food environments – monitoring and interventions, creating healthier supermarkets, socioeconomic position/disadvantage, infant food environments, obesity prevention.

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Dr Claire Henderson-Wilson

Mixed methods research on links between housing and health, families and health and the human health benefits of contact with nature.

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Dr Justin Lawson

Contact with nature, eco-health, health and sustainability, environmental health, spirituality/religion and nature/environment, climate change and health, alternative technology and transport, biodiversity and conservation. 

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Associate Professor Julia Shelley

Sexual and reproductive health, pregnancy outcomes, contraception.

Dr Melissa Graham

Women's sexual and reproductive health, the health and wellbeing of childless women, social exclusion, inclusion and connectedness, and women's reproductive health and rights.

Dr Fiona McKay

Public health, health promotion, health equity, refugee and asylum seeker issues and policy.

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Dr Mohammadreza Mohebbi

Biostatistician – environmental epidemiology, health related impacts of climate change, and spatial disease mapping.

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Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli

Ethnicity, gender, sexuality and health.

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Associate Professor Erin Wilson

Social justice and equity that includes a focus on the experiences of disadvantaged groups, including Indigenous people and people with a disability.

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Dr Gary Sacks

Policies for obesity prevention, the influence of the food industry, economic evaluation of interventions to improve the healthiness of food environments.

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Dr Georgia Babatsikos

Sexual and reproductive health of university students, child sexual abuse prevention, and environmental determinants of health. 

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Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus

Professor Steve Allender

Burden of disease and obesity prevention, emerging burden of chronic disease in developing countries, the development and understanding of community based approaches to chronic disease prevention.

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Associate Professor Lynne Adamson

Mental health through the lifespan, parent-infant attachment, rights of the child, service-user and therapist perspectives in health care, healthcare services development, and the arts in health care.

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Dr Matthew Dunn

Monitoring illicit drug markets, body image in men, harms related to substance use, exercise, sport and physical activity.

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Occupational therapy

Professor Karen Stagnitti

Expertise in pretend play of children and adolescents, interested in play-based curriculum, play assessment and play intervention.

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Dr Genevieve Pepin

Occupational therapy practice, research, and education in mental health, eating disorders prevention and treatment, carers support.

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Social work

Geelong Waterfront Campus

Professor Beth Crisp

Social exclusion, religion and spirituality, evidence-based practice, international social work, social work education.

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Dr Russell Shuttleworth

Disability and chronic illness related research on issues such as sexuality, gender, leadership, access to health care contexts and speech impairment.

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Dr Sophie Goldingay

Institutionalised populations such as prisoners and people with psychiatric disabilities, analysing social practices and power relations, approaches in social service provision.

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Dr Selma Macfarlane

Critical social work, social work education, mental health, social inequality, and ageing.

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Melbourne Burwood Campus

Professor Susan Balandin

Adults with lifelong disability and communication.

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Professor Jane McGillivray

Mental health and wellbeing of people with intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Associate Professor Christopher Stevenson

Lifestyle factors and health risk behaviours in the onset of disability, effectiveness of population cancer screening programs.

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Associate Professor Erin Wilson

Human rights; inclusive practice, policy and research; disability in development; social change.

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Geelong Waterfront Campus

Professor Joe Graffam

Disability services: policy development and program delivery; organisational behaviour; psychiatric disabilities and community integration.

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Dr Russell Shuttleworth

Disability and chronic illness related research on issues such as sexuality, gender, leadership, access to health care contexts and speech impairment.

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