Theatre-based workshops

Featuring a one-actor performance and a panel discussion by local support services, these educational workshops have been highly praised around Victoria. The programs aim to challenge thinking around two significant public health issues: eating disorders and violence against women.

How the workshops work

You the Man and The Thin Line have been written to suit a diverse audience: primary schools, secondary schools, universities, workplaces, sports clubs and community groups. Both workshops follow the same two-part structure:

  • 35-minute performance
    One actor plays a number of roles, giving the audience different perspectives on the same issue. The only set required is two chairs. 
  • Moderated post-performance panel discussion
    The panel members for this discussion are drawn from local support agencies. The discussion serves to introduce people to local resources that are available.

You the Man

You the Man highlights how bystanders can interrupt cycles of relationship violence and abuse. A single actor plays six contrasting male characters, none of whom is the perpetrator or victim. The play shows the impact of violence on these characters and different forms of supportive bystander response.

Reviews for You the Man

“[The play] is a great engagement tool: powerful and hard-hitting. It creates an immediate impact and gets people asking questions.”

“A great way to start conversations and get people thinking about what they can do as bystanders.”

“[Highlights the] tell-tale signs that a relationship is not healthy, points to control, physical and emotional violence and safety.”

“Raised appreciation of the criticality of consent.”

To book You The Man, email the team.

The Thin Line

This play weaves together the voices of four characters: a girl who is struggling with anorexia nervosa, her internal voice, her mother and a friend. It shows how the disease impacts more people than just the sufferer. Panel members for the post-show discussion are drawn from local eating disorder specialists and health professions.

Reviews for The Thin Line

The Thin Line is an accurate and powerful tool for eating disorders education. It touches the viewer with an amazing combination of information and emotion, and poignantly illustrates the devastating experiences of an eating disorder sufferer.”
U.S. National Eating Disorders Association

“The play shows how many people can be affected by one person with an eating disorder and how this can have lasting impacts not only on the person suffering the eating disorder but on her family and friends.”

“Very powerful, appropriate for the year 8 students who were the audience.”

“Confronting, challenging, insightful, alarming.”

Thought provoking." 

“Informative - I learned quite a lot in an enjoyable format.”

“Great opportunity to discuss a really touchy subject with young people.”

To book The Thin Line, email Ann Taket.

Pricing and booking

Each workshop costs $985 (excluding GST) and is available to any organisation located in Victoria. 

The cost includes: 

  • a professional actor trained and regularly rehearsed by our professional director (Suzanne Chaundy) 
  • a comprehensive resource pack to help you choose a venue and assemble your panel of experts 
  • phone and email support by the production team at Deakin University.

To book You The Man, email the team.

To book The Thin Line, email Ann Taket.