Dietetics Alumni chapter

Welcome to the Dietetics Alumni chapter website - membership of the Dietetics Alumni chapter is open to all dietetics graduates.

You can see we have arranged to have two separate chapters, one for food and nutrition graduates, the other for dietetics graduates. This is to allow for the special interests and networks of these two distinct groups.

The School is strongly committed to food and nutrition and dietetics and to the roles these domains of learning can play in the community and in graduates' professional lives. Our graduates play key roles in new developments in the food and health sectors and the School is keen to stay in touch. We hope that as the Alumni develops there will be strong interaction between the School, its current students and its graduates. Already Alumni members have been very active in helping our current students enter professional networks. We are very grateful for this assistance as it is often difficult for new graduates to commence their careers.

I strongly encourage you to make use of the Alumni facilities, particularly this website. Please feel free to share your experiences and opinions with us.

Where are you now?

We'd like to keep in touch with you. Please let us know where you are now and what your future plans are.

Don't lose contact!

Unfortunately we have lost contact with many Deakin Dietetics Alumni — can you help us by providing current contact details of any alumni who may not be current members?

How to provide us with your details:

Visit the Deakin University Alumni website to register your interest.

For further information about the Deakin Dietetics Alumni, please contact:

Tim Crowe
Associate Professor
School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
Deakin University
221 Burwood Highway
Burwood Vic 3125

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