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We are interested in hearing from our graduates and hope that, as you read through the profiles on these pages, you might like to let us know what you have been doing since studying at Deakin University (or its antecedent institutions). Please contact us on if you would like to be profiled.

Elena Papamiltiadous

Course: H315 Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition* completed 2009
*From 2011 known as Bachelor of Food and Nutrition
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus

Career path:
‘Food has always been an area that has interested me and the Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition has enabled me to experience both the science aspect of food as well as the nutritional perspective.’

‘Studying [this] degree has given me the opportunity to learn how to think. Although my course is a food science and nutrition degree, my skills have extended beyond the parameters of these topics and I have gained a greater amount of skills than I initially anticipated.’

‘My degree has given me a good foundation of knowledge and thinking skills and I am now confident that I can walk away and use these skills in the workforce.’

Studying at Deakin:
‘I went to a collection of open days and I selected Deakin because I felt welcome and comfortable, everyone was so friendly and helpful.’

‘Deakin University has been a great place to study. The lecturers have been a great support with a wealth of knowledge. I have met many great people that have become a part of my life. The course itself has also helped me to become educated in an area I truly love, and hopefully it will help me to work towards a career I truly enjoy.’

Recommending Deakin:
‘I think my course was a fantastic learning experience that has opened up many doors for me in terms of career and future study. For those considering it I would definitely recommend that if you love food, appreciate healthy eating and science you should apply for this degree.’

Scott Blundell

Course: Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition* completed 2009
*From 2011 known as Bachelor of Food and Nutrition
Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition (Honours) 2010

Deakin has a sterling reputation for the standard of graduates released from their nutrition and health science courses. The course is very engaging and offers students the ability to converse with Deakin’s many qualified researchers and academics.

I aspire to be a successful and knowledgeable member of the public health community; in particular I look forward to treating patients with serious diet-related illnesses. My zest for the world of nutrition was actually brought to life as the result of an ongoing family illness that has pushed me to strive for a greater level of understanding. I would urge anyone who has a history in science (especially chemistry and biology) and who is seeking a career in nutrition to apply. You will not be disappointed.

Kellie Lawler

Course: Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition*
*From 2011 known as Bachelor of Food and Nutrition
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus

I chose Deakin for three main reasons: (1) there were lots of public health units to choose from (2) the course outlines sounded perfect (3) I had already come across research on the internet written by Deakin affiliates that was inspiring and profound.

I most enjoy gaining current knowledge delivered with zest from wonderful lecturers. Food can be quite loaded with political agenda and when lecturers are willing to tackle that, it’s definitely a highlight. I also enjoy being part of a progressive science that is so applicable in the community; understanding food supply and processing is crucial to enable healthier and more ecologically sustainable choices.

The lecturers have been fabulous with advice about my future prospects, and learning the foundations of food science in combination with nutrition is definitely advantageous. I most likely see myself doing postgraduate study and gaining more skills before I fully commit to the big world of a ‘career’.

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14th March 2012