Biostatistics Unit

The Deakin Biostatistics Unit (DBSU) provides high-quality biostatistical consulting and collaborative support to Deakin University's researchers and HDR students . We contribute to health science by developing, applying and promoting appropriate biostatistical methods.

Our aims

Aims of the DBSU

  • Improve the quality, efficiency and impact of Faculty of Health research through the provision of biostatistical advice, consultancy and collaboration at all stages of the research process. We assist with concept development, grant application, study design, protocol development, planning, data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • Co-supervise higher degree by research (HDR) students in the Faculty of Health.
  • Provide a focal point for biostatistics and nurture a network of quantitative researchers in the Faculty of Health.
  • Conduct research on biostatistical methods that are required for faculty research projects.
  • Foster mutually beneficial relationships between the Faculty and external stakeholders such as clinicians, health services, policymakers and the community.

While the unit was formed primarily to support Deakin University Faculty of Health Research Programs, it also undertakes consulting and collaborative work with external partners, provided the work is aligned with the faculty's overall mission.

Our services

Services provided by the DBSU

Members of the Deakin Biostatistics Unit (DBSU) offer biostatistical advice to Faculty of Health staff and HDR students via scheduled appointments. The DBSU biostatisticians can provide assistance with:

  • Study design - we assist with the setting up of a research project by collaborating on the formulation of aims and testable hypotheses, selection of endpoints (measurables), creation of experimental plans, including randomizations, design of sampling schemes, power and sample size calculations, and protocol writing.
  • Grant preparation - we take responsibility for the statistical methods section of research proposals, including power and sample size calculations and, if required, a formal statistical analysis plan (SAP). We ensure that the study design has alignment of the objectives, endpoints and statistical methods.
  • Statistical data analysis - we can advise on, or take full responsibility for, this important activity.
  • Presentation of results and manuscript preparation - the DBSU can assist you with the preparation of results for presentation to your research community. This presentation could be a doctoral dissertation, a conference, or a manuscript and we can
    • Assist with the write-up of statistical methods and results
    • Review a draft of a manuscript before submission
    • Respond to comments from reviewers of the manuscript.
  • Biostatistical appraisal of protocols and manuscripts authored by others.
  • Research into new or specialized biostatistical methods required for specific faculty projects and programs.

The DBSU offers workshops on biostatistical topics to researchers and HDR students in the Faculty of Health. Requests for particular workshops should, in the first instance, be addressed to the Director, DBSU.

Biostatistical consultation

To request a biostatistical consultation, please complete and submit this webform

If you are an HDR student, your first meeting with a DBSU biostatistician must also include your supervisor.

We advise to request the consultation well in advance to your deadlines so that we have sufficient time to provide useful advice.

œIf you have already contacted one of the members of the Biostatistics Unit please indicate it in your request

Previous workshops

We offer a comprehensive range of workshops in quantitative research methods.  The goal of these workshops is to stimulate research and to foster the interaction of researchers in the Faculty of Health. The workshops will provide the opportunity for faculty and graduate students to have better understanding of basic principles and methods of biostatistics and research methodology, use basic statistical terminology with ease, identify important directions for future research and facilitate research collaboration.

Upcoming workshops

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