Ageing Well Ageing Productively

ageing well ageing productively

Professor David Mellor

Australia's population is ageing rapidly, and the management of the mental health concerns of older people has become an important focus of government and healthcare providers. Led by Professor David Mellor, this group is actively working to promote better mental health of older people, particularly those in aged care facilities. It also investigates positive aging and the factors that promote resilience in older people.

Group Research Fellow

Major Projects

Organizational change and treatment of depression and dementia in aged care facilities- Marita McCabe, David Mellor, Gery Karantzas and Kathryn von Treuer, in collaboration with Monash University

Ageing-related body concerns among older adults- David Mellor and Hong Liu, a visiting scholar from Anshun University in China

Preparing older people for transition into age care- Marita McCabe and Doctoral student Nathan Castle

My life story: Connecting older people and adolescents- Tess Knight


Professor David Mellor and Alfred Deakin Professor Marita McCabewere recently appointed as Visiting Professors at Shanghai Mental Health Centre-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Medical School, where they have been collaborating with eminent Chinese researchers in a study investigating cognitive decline and dementia.

Dr Mathew Lewis was recently appointed to the position of Research Fellow within the aging research group of the Centre for Mental Health & Wellbeing Research. Mathew comes to the Centre from Caulfield Hospital, where he has been researching aspects of dementia.

Grants and publications

Recent talks

Professor Mellor and Alfred Deakin Professor Marita McCabe presented the findings of their work on depression training for aged care staff at the recent Congress of the International Psychogeriatric Association.

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