Major Projects

The drug and alcohol needs of prisoners with intellectual disabilities – Jane McGillivray

Depression, anxiety and stress in adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders: A trial and evaluation of an assessment and treatment program – Jane McGillivray & David Hamilton

Evaluation of the Pathways Program for offenders with disability – Lesley Hardcastle, Keith McVilly, & Jane McGillivray

Building the evidence in chronic disease management: IDEAS Evaluation Study – Jane Speight, Chris Gilfillan, Jessica Browne, & Christel Hendrickx 

The 1-in-4 survey: Inclusion of people with disabilities –Joe Graffam, Robert Cummins, Erin Wilson, Jane McGillivray, Michael Bink, & Nick Hagiliassis

Psychological and behavioural problems in dementia within the context of residential care: can specialized staff training help? – Marita McCabe, Mike Bird, Tanya Davison & David Mellor

The MILES (management and impact for long-term empowerment and success) Study:A national survey of the psychological health and unmet needs of Australians with type 1 and type 2 diabetes - Prof Jane Speight

Applying a model of 'giving' using intergenerational interaction: does bringing together high school students and residents of old-age homes address their respective emotional difficulties - Tess Knight, Helen Skouteris, Mardie Townsend, Bob Knight & Merrilyn Hooley

Child protection and foster care for children with disabilities – Goetz Ottman, Keith McVilly, & Phillip Gillingham

New screening tools and better staff training to detect the depression that occurs in approximately half of the elderly in residential care – Marita McCabe, Tanya Davison, David Mellor & Gery Karantzis

Active Support implementation in day support services for people with intellectual disability –  Keith McVilly

Coffee and caffeinated beverages and their effect on the mental health and behaviour of people with intellectual disability – Keith McVilly & Peter Miller

Autism spectrum disorders in the criminal justice system: Identification, offence profile and personnel knowledge – Jane McGillivray & Lauren Gook

 The Effects of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) on cognition and mood in Parkinson's disease – Linda Byrne, Susannah Tye, Jane McGillivray, Mark Stokes, & Richard Bittar (in partnership with the Mayo Clinic)

Diabetes prevalence and management in people with intellectual disability – Keith McVilly, Jane Speight, Jane McGillivray, & Mark Stokes

Eating, activity and family factors effecting health and wellbeing of children with disabilities – Jane McGillivray, Keith McVilly, & Helen Skouteris

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