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Why study Health Sciences at Deakin?

Health Sciences is a great choice if you know you want to work in health or human services and would like flexibility in the direction you take. You have the opportunity to select from a number of major areas of study and can take elective units to support the development of your knowledge and skills. This degree is ideal if you want to study a range of health and social justice issues and develop a career plan in health-related disciplines.

1. You can select a combination of study areas to suit your desired career outcome; for example, psychology with exercise science or nutrition, physical activity and health with marketing, nutrition with health promotion or disability studies.

2. The flexible course structure allows you to cover a wide range of areas in health sciences and to concentrate on two specialist areas.

3. Majors available through the Bachelor of Health Sciences are: Exercise Science; Family, Society and Health; Food Studies; Health Promotion; Human Services; Nutrition; People, Society and Disability; Physical Activity and Health; Psychology; and Sport Coaching*.

4. Successful completion of the Bachelor of Health Sciences with two health majors and a biomedical sciences major is one of the many pathways for graduates to apply for entry into the Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery.

5. Completion of selected majors within the Bachelor of Health Sciences can give you the opportunity to apply for honours, and later a research degree (masters degree or PhD) at Deakin University.

*Please note - not all of the stated majors are available at all campuses.

Career opportunities
  • Health Promotion Officer
  • Food and Nutrition Policy Officer
  • Sport Coach
  • Nutritionist
  • Disability Services Officer
  • Family and Community Support Worker
  • Health and Sports Marketing Officer
  • Health Educator
  • Health and Sport Public Relations Officer
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Health Counsellor
  • Human Services Officer
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19th July 2011