Behavioural Epidemiology

This program of research examines personal, social, structural, policy and environmental factors that influence eating, physical activity and sedentary behaviours, across the lifespan and among disadvantaged groups. Interventions to improve these behaviours are also developed and tested to determine effectiveness and feasibility.

Our team includes researchers with cross-disciplinary expertise spanning epidemiology, nutrition, human movement, health promotion, psychology, and geography.


Kylie Ball
Karen Campbell
Alison Carver
Ester Cerin
David Crawford
Kylie Hesketh
Trina Hinkley
Clare Hume
Katie Lacy
Karen Lamb
Rachel Laws
Sarah McNaughton
Catherine Milte
Nicky Ridgers
Shannon Sahlqvist
Jo Salmon
Alison Spence
Ewa Szymlek-Gay
Megan Teychenne
Anna Timperio
Lukar Thornton
Jenny Veitch
Tony Worsley

Current projects

Completed projects

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