Food, Lifestyle and Health

This program of research is aimed at maintaining and promoting health, reducing the burden of chronic disease and preserving optimal quality of life, through improved nutrition and physical activity.

Our research is focused on the development and expression of preventable chronic diseases particularly cardiovascular disease. Research activities include the assessment of physiological, psychological, social, and environmental determinants implicated in the development of chronic diseases.

Our objectives are:

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of dietary and lifestyle practices that reduce the burden of disease in later life with a specific focus on cardiovascular disease.
  • To investigate the influence of sensory systems on food choice and consumption.
  • To evaluate the application of educational and environmental initiatives to assist consumers to make healthier food choices and to provide advice to the food industry and policy makers to facilitate the widespread adoption of healthy eating practices.
  • To improve the nutritional profile of the food supply through the examination, monitoring and evaluation of food provision and food policy developments, locally and nationally.

Our team includes researchers with expertise in human nutrition, sensory science and public health.


Alison Booth
Sara Cicerale
Carley Grimes
Russell Keast
Mark Lawrence
Gie Liem
Caryl Nowson
Sharleen O'Reilly
Lynn Riddell
Susan Torres
Anne Turner

Current Projects

Completed projects

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