The InFANT Extend Team

weighing an infant

InFANT Extend Program
Chief Investigators

Dr. Karen Campbell
Dr. Kylie Hesketh
Prof. David Crawford
Prof.  Kylie Ball
Dr. Sarah McNaughton
Dr. Zoe McCallum
Prof. John Lynch

Program facilitators
Robyn Perlstein
Marilyn Piper
Anne Griffiths
Paige van der Pligt
Inger Neylon
Irene Lichomets
Debbie Leslie
Siobhan O'Halloran

Research staff
Lily Meloni
Anne Griffiths
Siobhan O'Halloran
Inger Neylon

Paige van der Pligt– Current PhD applicant
Priscilla Lunn–2011 Honours student

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