Faculty of Health

Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research

Torie Foletta

Position Research Fellow
Email victoria.foletta@deakin.edu.au
Area School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
Phone +61 3 92446527
Campus Melbourne Burwood Campus

Role and profile
Dr Victoria Foletta is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research (C-PAN) within the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. She is a molecular and cell biologist and an active researcher primarily interested in investigating the role of molecular factors in the regulation of skeletal muscle function.

Teaching responsibilities
Supervises 1 PhD student
Co-supervises 2 PhD students

Research interests
Dr Foletta is currently developing a research program involving the characterisation of specific molecular factors in their control of skeletal muscle growth and differentiation, insulin resistance development, and metabolism. She uses a variety of molecular and cell biological techniques including RNAi and retroviral infections, as well as bioinformatics, to obtain both a specific and global overview of the molecules and signaling pathways involved in skeletal muscle function during healthy and diseased states. Some of her current research projects involve the molecules NDRG2, PGC-1 as well as the E3 ligases, atrogin-1/MAFbx and MuRF1 in collaboration with Associate Professor Aaron Russell.

Australian Physiological Society
Australian Society for Medical Research

Recent presentations include:
• Foletta and Russell. (2010). ‘NDRG2, a novel player in the control of skeletal muscle mass?’ (Oral presentation). Joint Australian Physiological Society and Australian Society for Biophysics Meeting, Adelaide.
• Foletta et al. (2010). ‘NDRG2 interacts with atrogin-1. A novel role for NDRG2 in skeletal muscle atrophy?’ (Oral presentation). Gage Muscle Conference, Canberra.
• Foletta et al. (2008). ‘AHI-1 is a candidate gene for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes,’ (Oral presentation). The Australian Diabetes Society and Australian Diabetes Educators Association Meeting, Melbourne.

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12th June 2012