Areas of study
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Exercise and Sport Science

Topic areas in exercise and sport science include:
• Health and injury in work and sport
• Coaching practices
• Exercise physiology
• Women’s health
• Behavioural aspects of sport
• Skill acquisition
• Motor control and motor learning
• Biomechanics and performance analysis
• Strength and conditioning

Physical Activity and Health

Topic areas in physical activity and health include:
• Children’s physical activity and health
• Sedentary behaviour in children
• Strategies to promote physical activity in children
• Social and physical environmental influences on physical activity
• Women’s physical activity and health
• Prevention of overweight and obesity

Food Science and Nutrition

Topic areas in food science and nutrition include:
• Nutrition choices and eating patterns
• Salt, appetite control and blood pressure regulation
• Fatty acids, inflammation, cognition and blood pressure regulation
• Proteins, sport performance and muscle gain
• Nutrition and ageing
• Health effects of phytochemicals and minerals
• Nutrition and gut bacteria
• Food choice and perceptions
• Food policy and safety
• Early childhood influences on eating

Molecular Biology and Physiology

Topic areas in molecular biology and physiology include:
• Muscle stem cell activation
• Nutrition and muscle mass regulation
• Mitochondria regulation and disease
• Anti-oxidants and diabetes

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