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The Centre for Exercise and Sport Science (CESS) brings together researchers from a variety of disciplines within the Exercise and Sport Sciences. Our mission is to research and innovate in Sport Science and coaching to enhance the health and performance of people and organisations across the sport participation spectrum. The broader goals of the centre are to publish quality research that will influence the work of other researchers and practitioners of Exercise and Sport Science. We seek to collaborate with each other, with our colleagues from Deakin and other universities and with professionals who work in the Exercise and Sport Science field.
The majority of the research that is pursued by CESS researchers falls under two themes. These themes reflect the collective research expertise of CESS researchers and they also represent areas that we have identified as being significant for our field.


The Coach and Healthy
Community Sport


Measurement, Analytics and Prediction in Sport





Enhancing the sport-health experience for participants, coaches and organisations. Our research focusses on the development of coaches and sport organisations that enhances the health and well-being of sport participants across the performance pathway and lifespan.

Improve the processes for quantifying, monitoring and predicting load adaption and performance in sport. Employing novel and powerful approaches such as machine learning to solve problems in measurement, analytics and prediction. Lead the development, evaluation and implementation of exercise and sport technology to innovate the way in which we measure physical activity and sport performance

The CESS team of researchers is comprised of academic staff and students completing Masters and Doctoral degrees. Each researcher pursues one of the research themes but may also collaborate with a researcher in another theme.

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