General Ethics Help

Risk Assessment

Reviewers' checklist

This checklist is used to assess applications for ethical approval by HEAG-H.

HEAG-H Reviewers checklist (October 2014)

It is recommended that researchers use this form as a tool to check their own applications are complete and contain sufficient, relevant information to minimise requests for further information or amendments.

The Deakin University Human Research Ethics Manual

Human Research Ethics Manual- This manual is a resource and reference tool for researchers (staff or students), supervisors, support staff, administrators and members of the Deakin Human Research Ethics Committee (Deakin HREC) and the faculty Human Ethics Advisory Groups (HEAGs).

Before submitting your application

Please ensure you have included all the required forms and acquired all the necessary signatures before submitting your application. Failure to include the required forms and signatures will result in the application being returned without being recorded or processed.

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