Ethics application forms

Deakin staff or student project applications may be submitted to HEAG-H at any time.

New Applications: Please note that ALL applications MUST be signed and approved by the Head of School BEFORE submission to HEAG-H.

There have been some changes in the requirements for low-risk ethics applications.

Applicants who wish to submit an application through HEAG-H should include a low risk application form, a copy of the PLS and consent form as well as any other relevant paperwork such as copies of surveys, interviews or approvals from external agencies.

Some guidelines and examples of applications and forms that you may need can be viewed here. It is strongly recommended that researchers read and use the suggestions in the examples, particularly for PLSCs.

Modification of HEAG-H approved projects (including extensions):

Researchers must seek approval prior to modifying HEAG-H approved research projects. Please ensure this form is fully signed.

Annual/Final report:

Researchers must submit an annual review/final report at the end of each year, and on completion of the project.

Where do I submit my application?
Electronic copies complete with signatures may be submitted via or emailed to Applications must be submitted electronically.

Secretary HEAG-H
Pro Vice-Chancellor's Office, Faculty of Health
Deakin Unviersity           
Telephone: (03) 9251 7174

Expedited Review Checklist Information

* Please note, although researchers are likely to tick at least one or two of the boxes indicating a potential for high risk, this does not necessarily mean that the application is ineligible for expedited review - only that the researcher is required to complete the special case assessment section explaining how this potential will be managed or minimised to ensure that the project remains low risk.

Plain Language Statements and Consent Forms

* For applicatons submitted to HEAG-H the complaints clause must read:

The Manager, Ethics and Biosafety, Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood Victoria 3125, Telephone: 9251 7129,

Please quote project number [HEAG-H XX_2014].

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