Time lines

How long will the review take?

  • HEAG-H aims to provide a response to researchers within 21 days of submission.
  • Many applications require some amendments, clarifications or corrections which may extend the time frame for ethics approval.
  • You can assist in making the process as smooth as possible by avoiding these common problems in your application. The easiest applications to process are fully signed, include all necessary attachments and give all details of the project written in clear, simple language (without jargon).

When can I submit my application to the HEAG-H?

  • Low risk applications are welcome at any time and will be reviewed by circulation.
  • Higher than low risk applications must be submitted to the DU-HREC subject to their published deadlines.
  • Projects that are exempt from ethics approval must be submitted using the correct form, to the DU-HREC

If my project is found to be higher than low risk, will that affect the time taken for review?

  • Yes. HEAG-H will notify researchers if an application is higher than low risk. It is then the responsibility of the researchers to resubmit their application to DUHREC using the correct forms, for example the NEAF.
  • If a researcher considers their project of higher than low risk, they should apply for ethics approval directly to DUHREC.
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