The School of Health & Social Development welcomes your interest in hosting students on placement

Field Education Placements

Student by Information deskA key objective of Deakin University’s Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion degree is to enable students to develop a working understanding of health promotion. To help achieve this goal, students are required to complete a minimum of 100-120 hours field experience in a suitable organisation.

The work placements provide students and host organisations with many valuable opportunities. For students, work placements give them a more in-depth, practical understanding of health promotion principles and strategies. For host organisations, students have played meaningful roles in a variety of activities including, planning programs and events, undertaking needs assessments, developing evaluation tools, completing literature reviews and producing promotional material.

Typically the practicum experience is a 'win win' situation for both student and agency.

For more information, please visit Hosting health promotion students or contact Michelle Howard about hosting students with your agency.

Michelle Howard
Fieldwork Officer - Health
Melbourne campus at Burwood
Building: BC
Phone: 61 3 9251 7748

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