Michelle Jackman

Occupational Therapy Book

Why did you undertake your course?

I applied to occupational therapy because I wanted to be a health professional and learn more about the profession as I didn't know much about occupational therapy before starting the course. I also knew that occupational therapy is a growing field and I would be assured a job at the completion of the degree.

What did you enjoy about doing your course at Deakin?

The Deakin waterfront campus is in a great location being close to the sea and central business district. Waterfront is small, quiet and easy to find your way around. I have also enjoyed the social aspect of university life and have made a lot of great lifelong friends over the years I have been there.

What would you recommend about the occupational therapy course at Deakin?

The course is small which enables you to know lecturers on a first name basis. The lecturers are also very approachable and happy to take the time to answer any questions you may have and provide professional advice. Being a relatively new course Deakin has an innovative approach to learning with up to date teaching and learning strategies that are flexible to individual learning styles.

What would you recommend about the occupational therapy profession?

Occupational therapy is a rewarding and fulfilling profession that allows you to help clients maintain or increase their independence and ultimately increase their life satisfaction. Occupational therapy is also a very board profession that covers a diverse range of areas. Occupational therapists are also in very high demand which ensures employment at the completion of your studies. The profession is also internationally accredited allowing you to work anywhere in the world in both developing and industrialised countries.

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