Rebecca Lea Boromeo

Occupational Therapy Book

Why did you undertake your course?

When I was 15 I had work experience with an OT in a hospital. Ever since then I have wanted to study occupational therapy. The work experience instilled my interest in the profession as I got to see the career options for occupational therapists. I also observed occupational therapists really caring and considering client's wellbeing when they got home and their view for the person as a whole.

What did you enjoy about doing your course at Deakin?

I really enjoy the occupational therapy subjects as they are not so much exam based and very practical so I can see the relevance to the workplace. All the lecturers are very friendly and helpful and are genuinely interested in supporting you to archive your best. I also enjoy the location of the university; I feel it is a very good learning environment.

One aspect of the course which I enjoy is the placements. I think it is very important to go on placements straight away as it gives students an indication of what occupational therapy is all about and whether or not is the career path they want to choose. Currently I am at the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind school in Burwood. Here I am given the opportunity to observe and facilitate hand therapy sessions.

The supervisors at my workplace and also at university are extremely supportive, passionate and informative. As a result this makes me even more motivated to continue and do well in my studies.

Beck is extremely passionate about occupational therapy and is also working part time at a day centre and residential carer whilst completing her studies. The course has met all her expectations and more.

What would you recommend about Deakin?

Deakin has good facilities, including a women's room, computer labs and cafe; it is also a very supportive environment. Although I have not used them, I'm aware of the student services offered including counselling and academic skills learning. The university is smaller than most, making it friendly and welcoming.

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