Supervisor Support

Supervisor workshops

lecturer talking to student

Deakin University offers workshops for supervisors that may be held either on-campus or on-line. These workshops deal with a variety of field education topics that include or but are not limited to:

  • Learning about different models/methods for supervision
  • Addressing issues of difference and diversity in field education
  • Formulating assessment of field learning
  • Developing opportunities to use critical reflection as a placement

Apart from the university-based workshops, a Combined Schools of Social Work 2-day program is also available for supervisors and liaison officers. The program contains activity based workshops and presentations that include the following diverse topics that are central to social work field education programs:

  • Nature of field education
  • Nature of supervision
  • Current theories on field education
  • Learning agreements
  • Relationships between students
  • Assessment
  • Ethical dilemmas
  • AASW requirements

For further information regarding workshops for supervisors, please contact the Field Education Coordinator, Norah Hosken on 03 52278435 (

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