Police Checks

What is a Police Check?

A police check is an offence history and contains all court offences. If a person is convicted for an offence in the magistrate’s court and that person commits no further offences, the conviction will be deleted from the person’s record after 10 years. However, if the person commits a further offence, the record will remain. Convictions in the Children’s Court will not be recorded on a police check after five years. Any offence for which the penalty is a fine of $10,000 or 2.5 years imprisonment is never erased from the record.

Why are Police Checks required?

State and Commonwealth legislation requires background, health and criminal record screening of all applicants for employment involving contact with persons under 18 years of age, the infirm and the aged. Employment includes unpaid work and field placement or practicum experience performed by students in the course of their studies. Although not all placements require police checks, most do.

How do I get a police check?

Students can obtain a police check consent form at any Police station in Australia or from Police web sites.

A police check generally takes 7 – 14 days.

It is advisable that all students seek a police check before their placement begins and if you believe there are any issues that would affect your placement, you are welcome to contact a Field Education staff member to discuss how this might be dealt with.

Discounted Police Check

Students are entitled to the discounted student/volunteer status. Quote CVF99/152, in section 7, on the application and have it signed by a field education staff member

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