Welcome to the Graduate Certificate of Agricultural Health and Medicine

Susan Brumby

Susan Brumby
Director, National Centre for Farmer Health

Welcome to the Graduate Certificate of Agricultural Health and Medicine.

The Graduate Certificate of Agricultural Health and Medicine (GCAHM) is the only Agricultural Health and Medicine course in Australia and commenced in 2012 through the School of Medicine. The GCAHM aims to provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to improve the social, physical and mental health of agricultural workforces and their communities.

Globally there are few formal programs that train rural professionals in agricultural health, wellbeing and safety and many people who work in rural areas only learn through experience and informal methods; sadly, through trial and error.

GCAHM is delivered in an interdisciplinary manner reflecting the need for a cooperative approach to health in rural communities with too few health practitioners. The GCAHM focuses on improving health outcomes on the ‘other side of the fence’ and how poor health impacts on agricultural populations, agricultural production, sustainability and rural communities. You will learn about the interplay between diverse topics that span environmental, social, physical and mental health in addition to community stressors that impact on the wellbeing of rural and remote communities.

The interdisciplinary and hands-on nature of the GCAHM will highlight what is needed to improve the determinants of health in farming communities both in Australia and abroad. Importantly with the GCAHM you can undertake two electives to further broaden your own skills including postgraduate subjects in agricultural and environmental subjects.

We look forward to welcoming you to the GCAHM.

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