Mr Garry Fitzpatrick

Mr Garry Fitzpatrick has spent the last 18 months on the Optometry Board of Australia* establishing the National Scheme and was involved in finalising discussions about the Western Australian legislation to join the National Scheme. This legislation passed through the Western Australian Parliament enabling optometrists to prescribe therapeutic medicines.

Gary has also spent some 12 years on the Optometrists Registration Board, Western Australia; is actively involved in the development of a new Optometry Act to reflect the changing scope of optometry and the increased need for regulation to protect the public. In addition to this work, Gary has given 3 years to the board of CORA (Council of Optometry Regulatory Authorities for Australia and New Zealand), which represents all Optometry Registration Boards, and served as President in 2008.

Another highlight of Gary’s career has been the establishment of a volunteer program in Nepal, training Ophthalmic Nurses to become self-sufficient and assisting in a new surgical training hospital in Kathmandu.  Gary has 24 years as a self employed Optometrist establishing and developing a group of 6 optometry practices and partnership with 4 optometrists.

*Garry chairs the Advisory Board as an independent advisor


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