Dominant eye test

Eye dominance or ocular dominance, is the tendency to prefer visual input from one eye to the other. Both hemispheres control both eyes, but each one takes charge of a different half of the field of vision, and therefore a different half of both retinas.

Approximately two thirds of the population is right-eye dominant and one third left-eye dominant; however in a small portion of the population neither eye is dominant.

You can download the Deakin Dominanat Eye test here (800k pdf)

dominant eye test


Print the Deakin Optometry Dominant Eye Test page on your printer

Cut out the small square in the centre of the page

Hold the page up at arms length

With both eyes open focus on a stationary object

While focussing on the object, slowly bring the paper closer
until it touches your face

The eye which you have over the opening is your
dominant eye


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