Deakin Optometry launch

The celebrations, which took place at Deakin University in Geelong Victoria on Wednesday 29 February, provided the opportunity to outline the course structure in greater detail while also introducing students to the many opportunities that a career in optometry presents.

Professor Harry Weisinger, Foundation Director and Chair in Optometry at Deakin, said the School is "all about innovation".

"This is the first accelerated optometry program I know about... the program is 10 x 12 week trimesters - it's not that we have reduced the amount of tuition, we’ve just compressed it."

He said the program is an "authentic backward designed curriculum": the students start with the vision of what an optometrist knows, thinks, and does, then they work their way back with measurable outcomes to be achieved before graduation.

Link to full article in Mivision magazine

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