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Deakin Optometry extends the concept of problem-based learning (PBL) to deliver case-based learning modules as the predominant teaching method in the second and third year of the course. Case-based learning (CBL) requires students to work in small groups to solve ‘real life’ optometry problems creatively as each case contains complexities within the clinical, psycho-social, ethical and commercial domains. In attempting to 'resolve' the case with the guidance of a tutor, students will combine private study, supporting sessions delivered through various media including live and online lectures, workshops and practical classes, and group study.

Case based learning

Team-based learning

In addition to CBL you will engage in team-based learning (TBL) activities throughout the second and third year of the course. TBL is a cutting-edge group learning technique that is now being integrated into medical curricula around the world. It encourages you to be more accountable for your own learning, enhances problem-solving skills, promotes team work and creates a high level of student engagement. TBL typically consists of three phases. In Phase 1 you will be exposed to intended learning outcomes and undertake pre-class preparation by participating in CBL modules, lectures and workshops in addition to group and private study. In Phase 2, you will complete a multiple choice test to demonstrate readiness to apply the knowledge acquired in Phase 1, and participate in class discussions which clarify concepts, consolidate learning and accelerate critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In Phase 3, you will work in teams to solve problems that require the application of the materials assessed in Phase 2.

Team based learning table

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