Andrew Sinclair

Full Name: Professor Andrew Sinclair
Position Title: Professor of Nutrition Science
Telephone: +61 3 522 72703
Campus: Metabolic Research Unit
Geelong at Waurn Ponds
andrew sinclair


Research overview

Long chain omega 3 fatty acids play an important role in cardiovascular and neural function. My group is focused on the bioavailability of these essential nutrients from different food sources in humans and animals. We are also interested in the role of docosapentaenoic acid (22:5n-3) as a source of EPA and/or DHA in animals and man. We have conducted a recent human post-prandial study using pure EPA and pure DPA. The immediate focus is to examine the lipidomic signatures from chylomicrons and other samples, including eicosanoid metabolite signatures from this study. We also plan to conduct studies on the whole body bio-distribution of DPA in animals. Another area of interest is understanding the nature of the interaction between omega 3 PUFA and zinc in neural cells.

Research Projects

  1. Bioavailability of omega 3 fatty acids from foods,
  2. Metabolism and metabolic distribution of DPA (22:5n-3) in animals.
  3. Post-prandial bioavailability of EPA (20:5n-3) and DPA (22:5n-3) in man.
  4. Targetted delivery of nanoliposomes containing DHA to the brain and other tissues.



Professor Sinclair is current Chairperson of the Nutrition Committee of the Australian Academy of Science.

Professor Sinclair has worked in at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, the Zoological Society of London (UK), the Veterinary Research Institute in Parkville and RMIT University from 1986 to 2005, when he held the position of Chair in Food Science. From 1989 to 1994, Professor Sinclair was on secondment to the Department of Human Nutrition, Deakin University at Waurn Ponds. Professor Sinclair was appointed to Deakin University in 2006. He has been very active in the Nutrition Society of Australia, having held the honorary positions of chair of the Melbourne group, Editor, Secretary, President and is currently the immediate past President. In 2003, Professor Sinclair was elected a Fellow of the Nutrition Society of Australia. Professor Sinclair is an Editor for the British Journal of Nutrition and is on the Editorial Board of the Elsevier journal, Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids. He also serves on the AOCS Press Books & Publications committee and in 1999 was awarded the prestigious Supelco/Nicholas Pellick AOCS Research Award.

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