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Health Systems and Policy

SkylineThe research programme in Health Systems and Policy looks at glocal (global and local, and their interfaces and interactions) health systems and policies conducive and detrimental to community health.

Current projects include:

Governance of the Global Tobacco Epidemic: Australia’s Regional Role project focuses on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC) and its adoption in the Pacific region. It will illustrate Australia’s regional responsibilities in ratifying the international treaty, particularly in relation to developing Pacific Island countries and territories. The project will give light to what information and resources are needed, and how these could be amalgamated within the region to satisfy the goals of the WHO FCTC.
Contact: Erik Martin, earth.jpg

The Health Promoting School Framework in an International School
This case study research, conducted in an international school in Thailand, will employ qualitative and quantitative methods to identify the health needs and organizational opportunities and limitations that relate to the adoption of a Health Promoting School framework.
Contact: Belinda Gardner,

Health equity, urban planning and Armstrong Creek
zoning.jpgThe aims of this project are to discuss Equity and Health Equity from a philosophical perspective and to develop a normative framework for the integration of health equity features in new urban developments.
This will specifically apply to the Armstrong Creek development near Geelong in Victoria, which will provide an excellent opportunity to look at an urban project from its early inception, through to planning and on to its actual development.
Results from this project may then be extrapolated for use in future urban developments, and also the 'retrofitting' of existing developments, which currently fail to meet Health Equity standards.
Contact: Claire Waldron,


Professor Evelyne de Leeuw


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