Yann Gibert

Full Name: Dr Yann Gibert
Position Title: Alfred Deakin Research Fellow
Telephone: +61 3 522 71197
Email: y.gibert@deakin.edu.au
Campus: Metabolic Research Unit - Geelong at
Waurn Ponds
yann gibert


Metabolic genetic diseases

Research overview

The Zebrafish is a model becoming more and more popular to study human disease. In my group I am using this model to study the genetics of metabolic disorders: mainly obesity and diabetes. As the zebrafish has a pancreas and adipocytes that are very similar to humans, key results obtained in my group are then translated in mammalian systems such as rat, mouse and human cells.


  1. Study of the epistatic relationship between the Endocannabinoid pathway and the retinoic Acid pathway in the fate of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs).
  2. Use of the zebrafish embryo and larvae to study the effects of exposure to endocrine disrupters on the development of obesity and diabetes
  3. Use of the zebrafish to study the genetics of pancreas regeneration in vivo.


: 50 hours post fertilization zebrafish embryo stained with Oil-Red-O to visualize lipid deposition in the developing embryo. At this developmental stage lipids are detected in the head and in the vasculature. Left: lateral view of the head Middle: Ventral view of the head
lateral view of the trunk. We use this staining to visualize lipid deposition in zebrafish mutants.

Now recruiting Honours and PhD students, please email expressions of interest to: y.gibert@deakin.edu.au.



Dr. Yann Gibert obtained his BSc in Biology in 1997 from the University of Pau (France) and his MSc in Biochemistry in 2001 from the University of Limerick (Ireland). Dr. Gibert gained his PhD examining the roles played by the Retinoic Acid pathway during zebrafish embryonic development and using the zebrafish studied the evolution of genes implicated in non-channelopathy epilepsies in 2005 from the University of Konstanz (Germany).

After his PhD, Dr. Gibert worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon within the Ecole Normale Superieure of Lyon (France), http://igfl.ens-lyon.fr/External link, broadening his interests into Retinoic Acid signalling and using the zebrafish as model for metabolic diseases. He then worked as a Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School,
http://hms.harvard.edu/hms/home.aspExternal link, within the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, http://www.bidmc.org/External link, using the zebrafish to study the genetics of anemia and hemochromatosis.

Dr Gibert is a primary author on over 15 publications in international peer reviewed journals including: Development, PLoS One, Trends in Genetics, Molecular Biology and Evolution, the FASEB Journal, Blood. Dr. Gibert retains solid projects with international collaborations in Australia, Europe and the USA using the zebrafish as vertebrate model organism.


Dr Yann Gibert's Publications

  1. Gibert Y., Sassi-Messai S., Fini JB., Bernard L., Cravedi JP., Le Mevel S., Zalko D., Balaguer P., Andersson-Lendhal M., Demeneix B. and Laudet V. (2011). Bisphenol A induces otolith malformations during vertebrate embryogenesis. BMC Developmental Biology, 11:4. Highly accessed paper

  2. Gibert Y., Lattanzi VJ., Zhen AW., Vedder L., Brunet F., Faasse SA., Babitt JL., Lin HY., Hammerschmidt M. and Fraenkel PG. (2011). BMP signaling modulates hepcidin expression in zebrafish embryos independent of hemojuvelin. PLoS One 6(1):e14553.

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  4. Fraenkel PG., Gibert Y., Holzheimer JL, Lattanzi VJ, Burnett SF, Dooley KA., Wingert RA. and Zon LI. (2009). Transferrin-a modulates hepcidin expression in the zebrafish. Blood, 113(12) :2843-2850. Cover Page

  5. Gibert Y*., Sassi-Messai S*., Bernard L., Nishio SI., Ferri KF., Molina J., Andersson-Lendahl M., Benoit G., Balaguer P. and Laudet V. (2009). The phytoestrogen genistein affects zebrafish development through two different pathways. PLoS One, 4(3) :e4935.*Co-first author

  6. Nishio SI., Gibert Y., Bernard L., Brunet F., Triquenaux G. and Laudet V. (2008). Adiponectin and Adiponectin receptor genes are coexpressed during embryogenesis and regulated by food deprivation. Developmental Dynamics, 237(6):1682-1690.

  7. Gibert Y., Bernard L. And Laudet V. (2007). Crucial roles of retinoic acid signalling during teeth induction in teleosts fish. European Cells and Materials, 14(2):6.

  8. Gibert Y., Gajewski A., Meyer A. and Begemann G. (2006). Induction and prepatterning of the zebrafish pectoral fin bud requires axial retinoic acid signaling. Development, 133:2649-2659.

  9. Gibert Y., McMillan D.R., Kayes-Wandover K., Meyer A., Begemann G. and White P.C. (2005) Analysis of the very large G-protein coupled receptor gene (Vlgr1/MASS1/USH2C). Gene, 353:200-206.




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