Research Programs

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The focus of the research program conducted through the Centre for Clinical Nursing Research focuses on the delivery of safe, high quality evidence based clinical care across acute and subacute hospital settings.

Case study methodologies using mixed method designs are used to develop comprehensive research strategies to examine quality and safety of clinical practice within complex clinical environments. Complementary qualitative and quantitative methods are used to address research questions that are not possible to investigate using traditional single method designs. The development of research strategies and data collection tools for these projects is ongoing.

The trajectory of recovery following Cardiac Robotic Surgery (doc 33kb)

Trajectory of recovery following robotic prostate surgery (doc 32kb)

Patients' communication of pain in acute care contexts (doc 35kb)

An exploration of the multi-factorial influences on medication administration in the context of a medication management system (doc 37kb)

Implementing best practices for minor wound management in the emergency department(doc 38kb)

Factors influencing attendance and completion of a cardiac rehabilitation program (doc 40kb)

Development and trial of an innovative approach to diabetes management (doc 35kb)

An exploration of postoperative antecedents to pulmonary complications in adults undergoing cardiac surgery (doc 36kb)

The psychosocial care of family of critically ill patients in emergency departments (doc 38kb)


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