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The Centre for Clinical Nursing Research supports Honours, Masters and PhD research students. Below is a summary of current and past students' projects and achievements.

Doctor of Philosophy Thesis Title
Lenore Beddoes: Evaluating the quality of 24-hour acute care delivery: Describing functional outcomes of older people using a model of best practice
Sue Hunter: Patient communication of pain in acute care contexts.
Cynthia Wensley: Translation of evidence into pain management practices in the postoperative cardiac surgery context
Jo Mc Donall: Patient participation, patient satisfaction and patient experience.
Lin Cen: Patient participation in symptom management in the Oncology context:  a Chinese cohort study.
Elizabeth Oldland: Operationalising consumers as partners in the national clinical safety standards - integration into speciality education
Nantinit Sutthiruk: Antimicrobial Stewardship in Thailand
Master of Nursing Thesis Title
Margaret Hjorth:  Best practices for nursing care of inpatient radiotherapy patients
Alanna Keating:    A nursing assessment tool to detect early DVT in postoperative surgical patients
Sally Morrison:  Systematic review of role of the nurse/nurse manager in antimicrobial stewardship in the private sector
Bachelor of Nursing(Honours) Thesis Title
Leigh McNichol:  Patient experiences of bedside technology for nursing care.
Eirene Blatsis:  Tool for falls risk assessment in rehabilitation.
Annika Zinkel:  Cardiologists preference for prescribing pre-procedural analgesia and sedation for interventional cardiology procedures
Julia Trappett: Patient participation in postoperative pain management.
Michele McGrath: Application of clinical microsystems to improve older person care in acute hospital.
Rachel Waugh:  Validity and reliability of a multi-purpose tool for nurse bedside handover.
Stephanie Grinton: Assessment to avoid harms of hospitalisation for the older person in acute care: cognitive assessment.
Jessica Heenan:  A tool to audit the quality of nursing documentation.
Tracey Douglass:  Parental needs with a child with intellectual disability.
Linda Rhodes:  Factors that patients consider when attributing a number to their pain intensity after total knee joint replacement surgery

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